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Săn hàng giảm giá

Thiết bị đọc thẻ RFID 125 Khz tầm xa IDTECK RF 245-5*

Đánh giá: Xem đánh giá (Có 0 đánh giá)

Mã sản phẩm: IDTECK RF 245-5

Giá bán: 41.194.000 đ
Hãy gọi ngay vào Hotline để được tư vấn trực tiếp về sản phẩm
04.3955.5555 0933.825.868 0511.3703.586 090.620.6855 08.3968.3113 091.524.8588
Số lượng
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Tổng quan Thông số kỹ thuật Hướng dẫn Đánh Giá

* Stable Reading Range of 5M
If used with IDA245/IDA245H2 Active Tag, reading range can be selected up to 5M depending on the installation environment.
RF245-5 : 5m(17ft)

* Prevents Overlapping Identification Error
The tag of the registered vehicle is stored in the memory to prevent overlapping identification of tags.

* Prevention of Multiple Reading in case of Two Vehicles Approaching the Gate at the Same Time
Eliminates multiple readings as it only reads the vehicle’s tag that approaching the sensor (loop coil).

* Multiple Card/Tag Identification
Identifies 30 cards per second, which is suitable for logistic tracking when RF tags are attached to the logistics.

* 90° One-directional Antenna for Long Range Identification (360° Omni-directional Antenna Selectable)
Includes 90° one-directional antenna for stable long range identification. 360° omni-directional antenna is also available
for asset tracking and personal tracking.

* Reading Angle Adjustable
If the reader hood is attached to the mounting bracket, it adjusts the reading angle to prevent unnecessary readings from the sides.

High Secrutiy Level
* Encrypted Tag ID Communication
By using the secured algorithms between the reader and the tag, it offers encrypted tag ID communication

* Site Code Configuration
Each tag is internally programmed with site code, which makes the readers to read the tags with configured site code. Different areas could be configured with different site codes to strengthen the security level by not allowing the readers to read unregistered tags.

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