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Dual Frequency RFID Reader for System Logon & Operator Identification PCR340

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Mã sản phẩm: PCR340

Giá bán: Liên hệ
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PCR340 is a simple- to- use device applying dual 125Khz and 13.56Mhz RFID technology to read the unique serial number of the RFID card.  It is good to be used for the system access logon/logoff key and the system operator identification, such as POS system logon/logoff and operator identification /authorization with RFID card.  PCR340 is a perfect system logon key which can protect the system and prevent the unauthorized people from using the system.

* Read either 125 Khz or 13.56Mhz frequency cards
* Designed with RS232 or PS/2 or USB interface
* Read unique serial number (UID) of the RFID card
* System Logon/Logoff
* Verify ID code for the system operator identification  
   In addition to the ID code data, the prefix or/and postfix 
   characters can be set too
* Cradle design to
   accept RFID card for the application  
   as below:
   System is workable when the registered card is sitting on the
   System is not workable when the registered card is removed 
   from the cardle

Interface: RS232, PS2 and USB
Reading Frequency: 125Khz, 13.56Mhz
Baud rate: 19200/14400/9600/4800/2400 bps
Card types: EM compatible64 bits, ASK Manchester coding, ISO 14443A Mifare® MF1 1K&4K / Ultralight / DESFire; Read only (for unique serial number/ unique identifier)
Reading distance: 80 mm / 125KHz, 40 mm/ 13.56MHz
Power requirement: DC 5V, Stand by 70mA
Safety Certificate: CE / FCC
Dimensions: L120 x W86 x H42 mm
Environment:Operation Temperature:-0 ~ 50 Deg. C 
Storage Temperature: -10 ~ 60 Deg C
Humidity:10 ~ 90%
Note: The Specification is subject to change without notice.

Systems security
Personal Identification
POS Systems
Access Systems Logon/Logoff key
Personal ID systems
Automatic data logging

Available versions 
PCR340 RS232 interface
PCR340 PS2 interface 
PCR340 USB interface


Application Example 


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